NFC Brand and Consumer Engagement

We offer an IoT smart packaging platform for brands to benefit from connected physical products with the digital world throughout the entire supply chain.


Brands try to interact with consumers with social media. The NFC Technology can help as a undelaying layer to connect the physical world with the digital one with only one Tap. Brands can create their digital twin products, to analyze digitally with the dashboard consumer behavior and statistics.

NFC can also support companies to identify grey markets and counterfeitings.

AdvanIDe has the experience in the ID world and has a strong ECO System which can offer customization for our customers. We can help to find the right solution dependent on your needs.

With this Demo SW- APK for Android you can explore some features of NFC


(please download the file and rename to *.apk only)

Please contact our Sales team for Smart Label Samples.

Customized NFC Modules with flexible parameters and custom module packaging are possbile as well.