A listing of the memberships of our company.

Being a focused distributor in the area of ID and chip card silicon means also to contribute to and to learn from the industry as a whole to better understand trends in terms of standardization, security, applications as well as end-user requirements. AdvanIDe’s, therefore, has taken active memberships in a variety of strategic industry associations and standardization bodies.

AdvanIDe’s is a member of the following organizations:


Asia Pacific Smart Card Association

The Asia Pacific Smart Card Association (APSCA) is a non-profit, independent association for organisations in the smart card industry in the Asia Pacific region. The Association delivers information, consultancy, guidance and networking to corporations and government organisations, including smart card scheme operators and suppliers. The Association delivers information, consultancy, guidance and networking to corporations and government organisations, including smart card scheme operators and suppliers, providing an unparalleled opportunity to solve problems, facilitate smart card initiatives and generate increased business development.

Apsca Website


Smart Card Forum of India

The Smart Card Forum of India – or SCAFI – is a non-profit, multi-industry organization promoting the wide spread acceptance of multiple application smart card technology.

The Forum has leading companies in banking, financial services, telecommunications, computer, technology, health care, retail, entertainment industries, as well as a number of government agencies as members.

The convergence of these major industry players is unprecedented and represents a shared vision and commitment to providing an interoperable platform for the delivery of a new generation of products and services based on smart card technology.

Smart Card Forum of India Website

Silicon Trust

Silicon Trust


As a non-profit, membership organization, the Silicon Trust’s mission is;

„To stimulate the understanding, adoption, use and widespread acceptance of silicon-based security solutions in a variety of applications.”

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Silicon Trust Website

Smart Card Alliance

Smart Card Alliance

As a not-for-profit, membership organization, the Smart Card Alliance mission is to accelerate the widespread adoption, usage, and application of smart card technology in North and Latin America by bringing together users and technology providers in an open forum to address opportunities and challenges for our industry. This balance makes the Smart Card Alliance a unique place where users, issuers and suppliers meet to exchange ideas, discuss common issues and work together to develop and expand the use of all types of integrated circuit “chip” cards and alternative form factor smart cards in the Americas.

Smart Card Alliance Website


Information Technology Standards Committee

The Information Technology Standards Committee (ITSC) was formed in 1990, under the purview of the Standards Council appointed by the SPRING Singapore. It is an industry-led effort made up of volunteer members from the industry, but supported by SPRING Singapore and IDA Singapore. It is a neutral and open platform for interested industry and government parties to come together to agree on technical standards.

ITSC promotes and facilitates the national Infocomm standardisation programmes and the participation of Singapore in international Infocomm standardisation activities. ITSC fulfils its role by appointing the various technical committees and work groups to develop Singapore Standards where no international or industry standards exist and/or recommend the adoption of international standards as Singapore Standards. The participation in local and international standardisation efforts are also done through the appointed technical committees and working groups. There are at present some 350 technical experts and representatives from 180 organisations, engaging in ITSC’s standardisation activities.

ITSC Website



RAIN RFID is a global alliance promoting the universal adoption of UHF RFID technology in a way similar to other wireless technology organizations including NFC Forum, WiFi Alliance and Bluetooth SIG. RAIN uses the GS1 UHF Gen2 protocol which ISO/IEC has standardized as 18000-63. The word RAIN—an acronym derived from RAdio frequency IdentificatioN—is intended as a nod to the link between UHF RFID and the cloud, where RFID-based data can be stored, managed and shared via the Internet. A RAIN RFID solution uses a reader to read and write a tagged item, manage the data and take action.




NFC Forum

Near Field Communication (NFC) is a standards-based short-range wireless connectivity technology that makes life easier and more convenient for consumers around the world by making it simpler to make transactions, exchange digital content, and connect electronic devices with a touch. NFC is compatible with hundreds of millions of contactless cards and readers already deployed worldwide




The Car Connectivity Consortium® (CCC)

The Car Connectivity Consortium® (CCC) is a cross-industry organization advancing technologies for smartphone-to-car connectivity solutions. The CCC represents a large portion of the global automotive and smartphone industries, with more than one hundred member companies. The CCC member companies consisting of smartphone and vehicle manufacturers, automotive tier-1 suppliers, silicon/chip vendors, security product suppliers, and more. The Board of Directors of CCC includes individuals from charter member companies Apple, BMW, General Motors, Honda, Hyundai, LG, Panasonic, Samsung and Volkswagen.




Intergraf Membership

Intergraf is the European printing industry association, representing employers in the graphical sector. Intergraf advocate for Europe’s printing industry towards the European Union, working with EU policymakers to support the sector’s competitiveness through advocacy, information-sharing, networking, campaigning, social dialogue, and EU projects.

Intergraf Website