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Sales Cycle

Sales Cycle, AdvanIDe

Design-In Support

AdvanIDe works with leading silicon suppliers and provides technical support, an extensive range of samples, tools and test cards/tags as well as source code and reference designs to support its clients. Experienced field application engineers (FAEs) are located in strategic locations to support customers globally.

Fulfillment/Demand Creation

Our operations team supports silicon providers for their fulfillment needs. Demand creation customers are being supported by our FAE and sales teams to the point where they are ready to start their projects.

Logistic Support

AdvanIDe has four distribution centers globally and a well stocked inventory of standard products and high runner items. AdvanIDe provides regular forecasts to its suppliers and obtains top-priority during allocation situation and shortage situations.

After Sales Support

In the event of after sales related issues, AdvanIDe provides extensive failure analysis and report services up to the level of return of material authorizations.

Excess Stock Marketing

Even the most efficient organization will have to deal with excess inventories or obsolete stocks from time to time. AdvanIDe offers to market those inventories to its large client base, providing a valuable service to both buyers and sellers.



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